If your upholstery or fabric furnishings have become dirty and soiled, the time has come to get them cleaned. Professional upholstery cleaning in Sydney prolongs the life of your furniture or fabric, so get in touch with the trained servicemen of Blue Sky Carpet Cleaning. Be it a sofa mattress, couch, car seat or any other piece, we will remove every bit of dirt, harmful pollutants, contaminants and dust, without causing any kind of damage to these delicate possessions. In the process, the aesthetic appeal of your upholstery will also be revived, so that they feel and smell fresh.

Our upholstery cleaners in Sydney, having high profile industry experience, provide superior quality of work, using advanced resources and techniques. We complete the job quickly and to your ultimate satisfaction. Taking careful note of what the client wants, we modulate our services accordingly to reach your cleaning goals.

We have built our solutions on the following standard procedures:


Our high grade cleaning solutions involve driving out all dirt and stains, however stubborn they might be. We are sensitive enough to understand the nature, condition and type of fabric, namely Cotton, Silk, Indian, Tapestry and the like, and offer cleaning services accordingly. Steam cleaning can be accompanied with deodorizing, sanitizing, shampooing and conditioning, as required.


Mattresses are used on a day-to-day basis both in offices and households, and hence they invite germs, bacteria, food crumbs, amongst other pollutants. Through our profound solutions for upholstery cleaning in Sydney, you can effectively treat all these elements and stay away from allergic conditions and diseases.


Car upholstery is an area of great concern, especially for those who use their car regularly. But you need not worry since with powerful steam cleaning, we can right away attack and remove all grime, dirt, odours, leftover food residues and contaminants. We clean as well as sanitize the floors, carpets and seats of your vehicle.


Organizations spend significantly on modelling their workplace or office upholstery. By thoroughly cleaning and maintaining tables, chairs, couches, sofas, and more, we safeguard the value of these office assets.

Get to know why our service is preferred largely by our clientele.

  • Free, economical quotes, without obligation

  • Expertise to provide complete job satisfaction

  • Offering service in and around Sydney on all days

  • Well-serviced cleaning gear and powerful cleaning agents and stain removers

  • Use of customized techniques for appropriate results

  • Insured cleaners at work

Restore the glory of your upholstery with our unmatchable service!
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