If there are nasty stains on your sofa, couch, upholstery or carpet, and pet urine odour in different areas of your home, it would definitely reduce the home’s appeal and also repel visitors. So, do not let such an awful experience wait for you. Call the Blue Sky Carpet Cleaning experts for stain and odour removal in Sydney with brilliant results. With our consistent help, you can not only do away with pet urine odour, but also fight stains and smells from different sources such as paint, food, cigarette smoke, cooking. We can perfectly carry out our job both in private as well as public environments making your home or office free from stains and disagreeable smells.

Having solid and enriching experience of several years in the domain of upholstery and carpet cleaning, we have the capability of identifying the nature of stain or smells and can come up with the appropriate product and technique to eliminate it. We can not only deal with the usual stains from food, milk, coffee, oil and such other substances but can also handle water stains caused as a result of flood or leakage of water.

Pet urine is one of the major sources of stubborn stains and smells and this problem heightens when your pet urinates again and again in the same place and the urine goes beneath the surface of the carpet or the couch. We have specialized techniques like deep cleaning and hot water extraction for dealing with such situations.

Why we are the first name that customers recall for stain and odour removal in Sydney?

  • Speedy, cost-effective quotes, without obligation and free of cost

  • Our staff members have complete insurance

  • The most pet-friendly, human-friendly cleaning products

  • Services are available all through Sydney the whole week

  • Superior quality equipments that are efficiently serviced

  • No hidden costs are associated with our service

  • Light furniture shifting done by cleaners, if required

Welcome a stain-free, odour-free environment by availing our customized service.
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