A carpet is usually expensive and is one of the most prized possessions of the buyer or the user. It is a beautiful piece of art that imparts a lot of aesthetic value to any room. But a carpet after continuous use will definitely not look the same as when it was new, until and unless you get it properly cleaned. Different types of carpet has different methodologies of cleaning, so the best thing is to call expert service providers of carpet cleaning in Sydney to remove dirt, dust, stains and germ-producing pollutants from your unclean carpet. At Blue Sky Carpet Cleaning, we understand that a dirty carpet can create health as well as aesthetic issues, and hence give our best effort to effectively clean, sanitize, deodorize, and make your carpet germ-free, odour-free, and stain free.

Our process of cleaning also brings back the carpet’s shine and makes it last longer, more than its warranty period. If you avail our professional services at least once or twice in a year, your carpet can remain clean and happy.

We have the most proactive and sensitive carpet cleaning in Sydney, who tactfully clean your carpets retaining the colour and beauty. The following best in class techniques are used.


Steam cleaning includes the extremely effective hot water extraction procedure which is one of the biggest enemies of dirt, dust, bacteria and other germs. The cleaning agents used in the process are biodegradable and non-toxic.


A commercial vacuum cleaner is used to deal with hair particles, food crumbs, dust and dirt.


We use specialized stain removal techniques and would advise you to soak up spills immediately to prevent stains from spreading.


Treating your carpet to a good shampoo once yearly can retain its shiny appearance. We can also apply deodorizer after shampoo to impart a nice smell to your carpet and drive away bad odours.

Our comprehensive services for carpet cleaning in Sydney are always accompanied by the following exclusive features:

  • Quotes that are free and come with no-obligation clause

  • Cleaners operating throughout Sydney and can be called any day

  • Best in class cleaning gear and techniques

  • Compulsory pre-inspection before task begins

  • Quick drying facility for customer convenience

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