Combating pests in your household or office is definitely not an easy task, more so when the infestation has spread like anything. But there is nothing to be scared of, since you have the most professional providers of pest control in Canberra at your service. The Blue Sky Carpet Cleaning team has the proper equipments as well the right skill sets to handle a range of pests that can attack domestic or commercial premises.  Many property owners are concerned about the safety of their property and hence are reluctant to avail the services of pest controllers, but we assure you that we will use the right gears and methodologies so that no harm is caused to the place of work.

The same treatment will not apply for all pests; hence we have formulated specialized solutions for wasps, termites, carpet beetles, birds, cockroaches, spiders, bed bugs, mosquitoes, fleas and other varieties of pests. The solution we will provide depends upon our analysis of the area, and accordingly we will apply customized techniques. All methodologies are approved by Integrated Pest Management and HACCP audits.


Our domestic pest control in Canberra includes safeguarding households against pest attacks after conducting non-invasive surveys to understand the severity of attack. We can provide our service in single-storey or double-storey houses, apartments, villas, and other domestic structures.


Pest infestation is a great nuisance for the daily activities of a business, so you must take care to ensure that your office or other business premise has no pests. We take special care to control pests in industrial spaces like storerooms, warehouses or kitchens. Our experience extends to serving varies industries like hotels, hospitals, food storage companies and so on.

Our consistent and trustworthy service makes us a highly dependable pest control partner.

  • Free estimate, without any kind of obligation

  • Service offered across Canberra, each day of the week

  • Licensed, hygienic and safe products used for cleaning purpose

  • Advanced cleaning techniques with high-end equipments to achieve the best results

  • Quality is always maintained, and that too at an affordable price.

Get ready to drive away all pests, because the experts are right here!
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