The beauty of your car is surely enhanced if the car seats are clean. In fact, upholstery cleaning is essential both in office spaces as well as homes. Mattresses, dining chairs, couches, sofas as well as other cushioned furniture require timely cleaning to remain shiny and presentable. If dust or dirt is allowed to settle, the shine will be lost in no time, and your upholstery will also house a lot of pathogens and allergens. But there is no need to face all these problems when you can call for top-notch upholstery cleaning in Canberra by none other than Blue Sky Carpet Cleaning.

Be it sofa or couch cleaning, our team members are trained to provide the exact cleaning solutions required. Only those equipments and gears are used which will suit the task at hand and product brilliant results. We will complete the job within deadline, and superior quality will be maintained throughout.

Our team of upholstery cleaners in Canberra mainly provide the following services:


Reclines, sofas or couches are made fresh-looking through steam cleaning procedures. Indian, Silk, Tapestry, Cotton or other fabrics are handled applying the relevant cleaning procedure. We also deodorize, sanitize, shampoo or condition, as is required on case to case basis.


Mattresses have to bear with daily wear and tear and in the process a lot of mites, moulds and bacteria might settle in. Our cleaning techniques safeguard against all these pathogens.


Steam clean can wipe away even the most obstinate of grime, odours or dirt residing in car upholstery. Seats, floors and other adjoining places are cleaned and also sanitized to produce the desired effect.


Hygiene is extremely essential for the workplace and hence our staff members can make your office absolutely germ-free. We clean and maintain tables, sofas, chairs and more.

You can blindly rely on us for every task of upholstery cleaning in Canberra!

  • Our quotes do not come with a price tag, and are guarded by no obligation policy

  • All our cleaning professionals are adequately insured

  • We operate across different areas in and around Canberra throughout the week

  • We can successfully accomplish any kind of upholstery cleaning job

  • All our equipments are serviced well, so that they do not create any problem during work

  • We responsibly use cleaning products that are safe for all pets and humans

Contact us now and we will be happy to make you proud of your shining upholstery.
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