In any household, stains and odours are obviously unwelcome. Just imagine what impression your guests will have about you if they are seated in the living room, and can constantly smell pet urine. Also, the appearance and ambience of the room becomes quite uninviting if there are colour stains, milk spill, paint scratches or food marks all over. The best solution for such issues is to remove these marks and smells with the help of the most efficient service provider of stain and odour removal in Canberra.

We have the most suitable set of cleaning equipments and other facilities, which enables us to deal with stains resulting from coffee marks, paints, tea, lipstick and other substances. With solid industry experience in carpet cleaning, we have equipped ourselves with the right products that can remove specific stains and odours efficiently. Our experts can also handle the toughest of stains like those arising from food and milk. Water marks from water leaking through potted plants or flood, can also be cleaned by our team.

The common problem of pet urine becomes a big issue when the urine goes deep inside the carpet with time. It becomes more unbearable if your pet is into the habit of repeatedly urinating in the same place. The stains and odours in such cases seem to become permanent and normal techniques fail to remove them. In such cases tailor-made methodologies are applied and the subfloor is also offered due protection, if required.

We will surely be your perfect choice for stain and odour removal in Canberra. Here’s why:

  • Reasonable quotes that come for free and are not bounded by any obligation

  • Qualified cleaners, who possess full insurance for the job they handle

  • We are on duty the entire week and serve across Canberra

  • Desired results are obtained using powerful techniques and safe products

  • Properly maintained and timely serviced cleaning equipments and gears

  • Affordable rates for superior quality

  • We can help you in moving furniture which is light in weight

Clear your premises of stain and odour problems, with our consistent service. Contact now!
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