Blue Sky Carpet Cleaning is one of the well-recognized providers of upholstery cleaning in Melbourne possessing the infrastructure and skills to complete cleaning of soft furnishings in home, office furnishings and car seats to perfection. Give us any couch, sofa mattress or other upholstery and we will make it beautifully clean once again. Timely cleaning wonderfully retains the aesthetic beauty of your upholstery, so that it smells and feels fresh. We will do a professional cleaning job and remove all dirt, dust and harmful pollutants from your prized assets.

You do not have to worry about the safety of your sofas or couches while the cleaning is being done since our upholstery cleaners in Melbourne have the highly needed industry experience and are professionally trained to utilize the most advanced equipments to obtain the right results. We will complete the job fast and to your satisfaction offering tailor-made solutions.

We can help you out with the following:


With our hi-tech cleaning solutions, we can drive away even the most strongly attached stains and dirt which might have accumulated for a long period of time. We will mould our cleaning procedure according to the type of fabric you possess, such as Tapestry, Indian, Cotton, Silk, and so on. You can also avail additional services such as sanitizing, deodorizing, conditioning and shampooing.


In any household or office, mattresses are used almost daily and hence can attract a large amount of dirt, grime, food crumbs, dust, and other pollutants. This can in turn invite bacteria and other disease-causing agents. By treating all these with high grade upholstery cleaning in Melbourne, we can help you keep allergic reactions such as asthma and eczema at bay.


Car upholstery can be enlivened through exhaustive steam cleaning, which when professionally done, removes all grime, dust, odours, dirt and contaminants. Apart from cleaning the seats, carpets or floors, we also sanitize the same for further protection.


A considerable amount of organizational investment goes into crafting the workplace or office upholstery. We protect the value of these assets and also make the workplace healthier for the safety of your employees. All chairs, sofas, couches, tables and other upholstery are extensively cleaned.

What makes us one of the most dependable and preferred service providers?

  • Free, competitive, no-obligation quotes

  • Expertise in all the jobs that comprehensive upholstery cleaning involves

  • Providing service every day of the week all along Melbourne

  • Cleaning equipments are well-maintained and always ready to use

  • Powerful cleaning equipments and stain removing agents in stock

  • The desired results can be achieved with the help of the most fitting techniques

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