If your couch or carpet smells of pet urine, just imagine what effect it will have on the ambience of the entire room! In case there are visitors coming to your house, they would definitely dislike being welcomed by the awful smell. So, free yourself and your guests from such unpleasant experience. Also, make your room completely clean by doing away with all food stain, paint stains, smell of cigarette smoke, cooking odours and such other disagreeable things. You do not need to take the pain of making your home or office fresh or hygienic on your own. Simply call the seasoned team at Blue Sky Carpet Cleaning for professional stain and odour removal in Melbourne.

We can treat offices, business spaces, family homes, leased properties and more to the best extent possible getting rid of all kinds of smells and stains caused by different elements. We have years of industry experience in carpet and upholstery cleaning, as well as other sorts of cleaning, and hence can properly do away with stains left by milk, food, oils, coffee, and so on. You can also call us if there are stains in your place due to water leakage or flood.

Pet urine leaves very stubborn smells and stains which are usually very difficult to handle without professional help. Sometimes the urine seeps deep inside the couch or carpet materials, and the smells simply refuses to disappear even after washing for a number of times. It becomes almost permanent if there is repeated urination in the same place and subsequently the urine crystallises. We can effectively deal with such smell and stains using techniques like hot water extraction and deep cleaning.

Get to know why we are the best providers of stain and odour removal in Melbourne.

  • No-cost, no-obligation, speedy estimates

  • Complete insurance for our staff

  • Solutions offered across Melbourne everyday of the week

  • Eco-friendly products are totally secure for pets and humans

  • Properly serviced, advanced equipments

  • No excess charge or hidden costs

  • Our men can move light furniture while on duty

Simply call us and get ready to forget all stains and odours!
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