Leather materials demand good amount of attention in order to remain shiny and clean like brand new. If you do not go for professional cleaning, you might end up seeing the leather in your home, office or car shabby once again even after repeated cleaning. To deal with this problem, Blue Sky Carpet Cleaning brings to you the most awesome solutions for leather cleaning in Melbourne. We will not only do away with contaminants, dust, oils, grime or smell, but also safeguard against cracks which can degrade the leather further if left unattended.

There are high chances that your leather will age and get degraded much before the completion of its warranty period, if it houses a great amount of pollutants. Hence avail our suitable mix of solutions for cleaning and maintenance, so that your leather is rejuvenated.


Being a natural material, leather can be greatly affected when exposed to oils, sunlight, dirt or any other pollutants. If this goes on for a long time, dullness, dryness, scratches or stains appear, and the condition deteriorates if the developed cracks and creases are filled with dirt. To keep the durability of the leather intact we apply different kinds of suitable cleaning techniques.


If moisture gradually escapes, you will definitely find dryness in your leather, and cracks and stiffness will show up. Through proper and timely conditioning of the leather materials, we can prevent this condition, and also help your leather experience a fresh lease of life.


Through application of specially formulated protection creams on the surface of leather, we ensure that your leather is protected from grease, oils, sunrays, stains and dirt.

What makes us a trusted name amongst leather cleaners in Melbourne?

  • Quick quotes, no cost, no obligation

  • All cleaning specialists are fully insured

  • Hygienic cleaning agents and the latest cleaning gear

  • Cost-effective , superior quality cleaning services

  • Hassle-free, quick drying

  • Help in moving lightweight furniture around the area of cleaning, if needed

We are the best answer for all leather cleaning in Melbourne. Get in touch now!
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