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How to Give Your Leather Car Seats a Fresh Look

Your vehicle looks absolutely elegant if it has a leather interior and it is also an expensive option to go for. However, leather seats last for a considerably long period of time, perhaps a lifetime, if you clean and maintain them properly. The best thing is to call a professional who has experience in leather cleaning and can exhaustively treat the accumulated dirt or oils. But it would be good to know about the cleaning procedure so that you can also lend a hand as and when required.

Examination and material selection

Before you clean or call experts who offer upholstery cleaning in Sydney, check your car seats for cuts, holes, or any other kind of damage. No liquid should be allowed near those areas, otherwise, the foams inside can be damaged.

You need to get hold of the right materials including leather cleaner, a bucket of water, soft scrubbing brush, leather conditioner, sponge, microfiber cloth, and vacuum. For the leather cleaner, try not to use silicone or petroleum-based products or vinyl cleaners. You can also prepare a solution on your own by adding linseed oil and vinegar in a ratio of 2:1.

Pre-cleaning and vacuuming

Before going for the actual leather cleaning process by applying the leather cleaner, it would be good to go for some pre-cleaning for better results. Vacuum the seats to get rid of all small crumbs and large debris. You may make use of a regular vacuum or a wet-dry vacuum to get this job done.

Once vacuuming is done, take a damp cloth and wipe the seats. This would eliminate any remnant dust, dirt or grease.

Application of leather cleaner

Do a spot test before lathering up the whole seat. This will confirm the compatibility of the leather cleaner and ensure that there will be no discoloration or damage to your seats. If you are not satisfied with the cleaner, you can change it at this point in time.

After a successful spot test, spray the cleaner on the seats and rub the foam using a wet sponge. The foam gets activated and when left for several minutes, breaks up grime and dirt.

Wherever there is excess dirt, deep clean using the brush, and then wipe with a dry cloth so that the foam is completely removed. In case there are some stubborn spots or stains still remaining, repeat the foam cleaning process.

Conditioning the seats

Cleaning should be followed by conditioning in order to restore the leather’s natural oils. Always use superior quality conditioners since cheap ones make the seats look greasy. Also, try to avoid petroleum, wax, or silicone-based products.

Just like the foaming agent, run a test before applying the conditioner, and once it is successful, apply to the entire area with a cloth or sponge and rub thoroughly. Allow the conditioner to soak in for around 12 hours and then give a final rub. Remember to park the car in a shady place whenever you are applying conditioner.

Regular cleaning and conditioning can go a long way in imparting a brand new look to your car seats. For a completely cleaned getup, contact specialized providers of upholstery cleaning in Sydney.




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