It is really embarrassing to have visitors coming into your house and welcomed by the pungent smell of dog or cat urine. The unpleasant experience of your guests will definitely let you down. Also, paint marks, cooking odours, food stains or smell of cigarette smoke spread across a room seems unbearable.  To get rid of all these, and make the place fresh and hygienic you need to avail premium quality stain and odour removal in Gold Coast. So, call Blue Sly Carpet Cleaning without any hesitation.

We remove smells and odours from family homes, office spaces, as well as leased properties, using powerful tools and cleaning or deodorizing agents. Experienced in all types of carpet cleaning and maintenance, our professionals can deal with even the most offensive smells and stubborn stains left by coffee, milk, paint, lipsticks, oils, and more. Stains resulting out of water leakage from potted plants or floods can also be removed.

Pet urine is indeed very problematic to handle since it does not remain on the carpet surface, but penetrates deeper within the fibres. This affects the other side of the carpet as well as the flooring material. The problem aggravates when pets continue urinating in the same location and the urine gets dried up into crystals. We successfully take care of such stains and odours depending upon the severity, going for carpet rinsing and hot water extraction.

Our solutions for stain and odour removal in Gold Coast are absolutely unparalleled.

  • Our estimates are fast, cost-free and have no obligation on the part of the client

  • All cleaners have full insurance and requisite experience

  • We offer our solutions throughout Gold Coast

  • Our products have no detrimental effect on humans and the environment

  • All equipments are properly maintained so that they function well

  • We do not charge excessively and there are no hidden costs involved

  • Lightweight furniture can be moved by our men, if needed

Call us now and make stains and odours a thing of the past!
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