At Blue Sky Carpet Cleaning, we offer extremely customer-focused pest control in Gold Coast to manage different kinds of pest activities. Be it a domestic or industrial area, addressing pest problems requires high professional acumen to take effective action, and we can proudly say that our professionals possess the same. They have special training to handle pest attacks and can apply the proper controlling techniques depending upon the infestation.

Our comprehensive pest control services include the control of cockroaches, flies, beetles, bees, bedbugs, mosquitoes, ants, spider, termites and a host of other pests. We strongly focus on the type of infestation prior to carrying out the control activity, so that the appropriate solutions can be provided.

Since we are an acclaimed provider of pest control in Gold Coast, our services always maintain Australian standards, the primary ones being Integrated Pest Management and HACCP audits.


We keep your home protected from pest attack providing solutions that do not have an adverse effect on humans, pets and the environment. Non-invasive surveys are carried out which are then followed by application of government approved methodologies. With our assured service, homeowners do not have to face these unwanted guests.


Using industry approved techniques; we keep your business premises free from pest problems, with continuous focus on safety and hygiene. Be it office, storeroom, kitchen or warehouse, we take care of all major and minor infestations. We have served industries like hospitality, food storage, pharmaceuticals, and more.

Our service can always be relied upon, and it comes with the following features:

  • Free quotes, protected by no obligation policy

  • Safe, quality products use for both residential and commercial purpose

  • Stains can be removed by strong stain removers

  • Advanced machines and tested techniques produce sure-shot results

  • We work both on weekdays and weekends, across the entire Gold Coast region

To live a life free of all kinds of pest attacks, call the experts now!
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