The Best Methods to Get Rid of the Worst Stains in Your Carpet

The best providers of carpet cleaning in Sydney can indeed help you remove almost all kinds of stains from your carpet. However, it would be great to know about some of the worst stains that might pester your carpet, and how you can get rid of them. By tackling these stains readily, you will in fact assist carpet cleaners to provide you the best service. So, here we go!


Gum falling on your precious carpet may lead to instant panic, mainly because of the sticky nature. But professionals experienced in carpet cleaning in Sydney will tell you that gum is not that stubborn an enemy as it is considered to be. To treat the gum, you should at first put ice cubes over the affected area so that the gum gets hardened. Once this is done, it is easier to scrape off the gum. In case there are any remnants, you can dissolve the same with white vinegar. To bring back the perfect look, apply any cleaning solution as a final touch.

Tomato Sauce

Tomato sauce is wonderful when it touches your taste bud, but definitely not when it touches your carpet. And simply imagine red tomato sauce on a white carpet! Horrible, isn’t it? Well, address any spilled tomato sauce by scraping off the spilt portion and then soaking the stained portion of the carpet in water. Follow up with any good cleaning product and you will find the stain going away in no time.


The dark color of chocolate is difficult to identify when you have a colored carpet, especially when the chocolate is melted or smeared within the carpet. In this case too, the best thing is to act as soon as possible, and start off with the scraping job. Once you are able to get rid of a considerable portion through the scraping method, dissolve the fat with surgical spirit, and then use a carpet shampoo for perfect cleanliness.


It is best to avail the assistance of experienced carpet cleaners in Sydney for removing butter stains, because they are extremely stubborn. But you may try out with spot cleaning, followed by rubbing and rinsing. If these procedures fail to work, you may apply some wood soap, which is known to successfully lift grease.

Candle Wax

If you want to tackle any stains caused by candle wax, you need to wait till the wax has cooled. Scrape away as much as possible and then use shaving foam to remove the remaining stain. For more cleanliness, you can try out sponge blotting with cold water.

Pet stains

Pets like dogs or cats are extremely adorable but not the stains they leave on the carpet, by urinating or accidentally spilling anything. Tackle any kind of liquid stains caused by your pet by first soaking up with newspaper. Then it is best to call professional carpet cleaners in Sydney who will use specific cleaners and deodorizers to remove all stains and odors.

Now that you know the methods, it would be easier to get hold of these seemingly stubborn stains. Treat the stains immediately for the most outstanding results from carpet cleaning in Sydney.

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