Leather materials need a different kind of treatment, so to clean them, you need professional aid. At Blue Sky Carpet Cleaning, we have an experienced team of cleaners who have been a part of the cleaning industry for a long time. Our expertise tells us that if cleaning or maintenance of leather materials is ignored or not properly done, the surface dries and cracks develop, which in the long run reduces the lifespan of the leather. We offer complete solutions for leather cleaning in Canberra that helps you deal with all these problems. Whether you require a single clean up or wish to avail regular maintenance services, we will be happy to help you out.


If layers of dust and dirt form on your leather and remain for a long time, the leather would not last long, so you need to go for timely cleaning. The problem can indeed go out of control if stubborn dirt makes the cracks and creases in your leather its home. Call our professionals and we will do away with all dirt and grime using modern gears and highly powerful yet safe cleaning agents. Based on your leather quality and state, we mould our solutions.


Loss of moisture will show up in the form of dried leather becoming stiff and revealing cracks. Application of conditioners is a great solution for this problem, and it will make your leather glossy and attractive once again.


Wearing and tearing are great enemies of any leather material, so we apply high grade protection creams to safeguard the leather against degradation for accumulation of oils, grease, stains and more.

What makes us the most popular leather cleaners in Canberra?

  • Quotes come free of cost, at no obligation

  • We are open round the week, and operate across Canberra

  • Insurance is a must for our cleaners

  • Risk-free cleaning supplies and advanced equipments

  • Guarantee of surface getting dried within 2 hours

  • Prices are very reasonable

  • Our men can shift light furniture during cleaning

Avail our targeted solutions for leather cleaning in Canberra, and experience visible results!
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