Blue Sky Carpet Cleaning has pleased a host of household and office owners with the best in class carpet cleaning in Canberra. Keeping in line with the cleaning requirements, we are innovative in our approach and always aim to drive real results in the form of spotlessly clean carpets. Apart from possessing the expertise to work with different varieties of carpet materials, we also have the acumen to listen to the subtle details provided by our clients, so that the most exceptional cleaning solutions can be offered.

Most carpet sellers as well as cleaning companies would recommend bi-yearly cleaning to maintain your carpet in a presentable condition and to enhance its lifespan. Cleaning and maintenance of carpets from time to time is great, since by doing so, your carpet can live more than its warranty period.

Our exceptional services in carpet cleaning in Canberra include a proper mix of the following techniques.


This procedure is great at handling grime, dust and disease causing microorganisms. We can wipe out the toughest of stains using advanced techniques and cleaning substances.


Vacuuming can be done occasionally, say once per week, to clear the carpet surface of dust or hair particles. The carpet regains its shine and looks as attractive as ever.


Our expert cleaners know the best approaches to deal with a variety of stains. To help us remove stain more effectively, we would advise you to use a blotting paper to soak up any spilled liquid as much as possible and also scrape off the solid residues.


Shampooing yearly once can effectively kill bacteria residing on the carpet. Our shampooing procedure is extremely customer-friendly, with the floor getting dried within a couple of hours.

Unrivalled in our services, we are one of the topmost carpet cleaners in Canberra!

  • Free, no-obligation quote

  • Service across different regions of Canberra

  • Assessment of work scope prior to handling task

  • Our men operate seven days a week

  • We have requisite skills to handle varied carpet fabrics

  • We possess powerful steam cleaning machines and safe cleaning items.

To work with the most productive floor cleaners, approach us now!
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