Car seats, mattresses, dining chairs, couches, sofas and other padded furniture can make any interior look beautiful, sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing. However, they need to be maintained and cleaned properly from time to time; otherwise, a lot of dirt, dust and other harmful agents will accumulate in them, making your upholstery look dull. Moreover, unclean upholstery may lead to allergy and other diseases. Hence you need to avail professional upholstery cleaning in Adelaide and who else can offer it better than the expert team at Blue Sky Carpet Cleaning?

Our sofa and couch cleaning specialists have relevant experience as well as adequate training to handle these jobs with the help of modern cleaning equipments. The most outstanding results are achieved within the stipulated time frame using the most appropriate cleaning techniques and products.

Our upholstery cleaners in Adelaide come up with the following service bouquet.


The practised hands of our professionals can make your reclines, sofas or couches new like before, more so when advanced techniques such as steam cleaning are applied. We can handle Indian, Silk, Cotton, Tapestry and other fabrics. Also, we can apply methodologies like sanitizing and deodorizing fabrics, as well as shampoo and condition leather couches.


We specialize in professional steam curtain cleaning using proper techniques for the purpose. Our steam cleaning method is a process consists of spraying hot cleaning solution into the curtain and recovering the solution with a powerful vacuum. The hot water, along with the suction power of the vacuum, forms a steam that will clean the curtain and at the same time, dries it up. Another notable benefit that comes from using professional curtain cleaning is that it is an incredibly effective way to dust and allergens deeply from your curtains.


Mattresses are mostly used daily and can invite mites, moulds and bacteria. With our top-notch upholstery cleaning in Adelaide, we can drive away all harmful agents, so that there is no case of asthma and eczema, from allergic reactions.


Car upholstery is efficiently dealt with through steam cleaning, leading to elimination of all grime, dirt and odours. We clean your car seats, floors and other adjoining areas, as well as offer additional solutions in the form of fabric protection, sanitization and so on.


This is meant for workplaces to ensure that your employees and staff are working in a healthy environment. All tables, sofas, chairs and the rest of the upholstery are exhaustively cleaned to gift your office with an allergen-free atmosphere.

Why our customers are delighted with our service?

  • No obligation free quote

  • Expertise in varied types of upholstery cleaning

  • Cleaners possess full insurance

  • Operation across Adelaide

  • Thorough inspection before job to understand scope

  • Use of harmless, non-toxic products

  • Specialized stain removers for every stain

  • Latest and well-maintained equipments for producing best results

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