At Blue Sky Carpet Cleaning, we have relevant experience in offering pest control in Adelaide for various categories of pests. This enables us to come up with customized pest control solutions in domestic as well as industrial premises. Our technicians are highly qualified and have undergone special training to deal with pests; hence they are capable of applying techniques that are safe, work fast and bring the right results.

We control almost all kinds of pests, offering specific treatment for dealing with cockroaches, birds, termites, wasps, bed bugs, spiders, mosquitoes, fleas, carpet beetles and more. Since control of different types of pests call for different types of methodologies, our solutions are offered only after meticulous scrutiny and due identification of the nature of pest infestation.

All the techniques that we use to control pests, along with the registered and licensed materials, are in line with the Australian standards, mainly HACCP audits as well as Integrated Pest Management.


Our services for domestic pest control in Adelaide include safeguarding different areas of your home against a range of pest attacks through leveraging the appropriate procedures. After conducting non-invasive surveys, we complete our task maintaining the government guidelines for suitable pest control. Different types of buildings are handled by us, such as double or single-storied houses, villas, apartments, and more.


To conduct your business in a seamless manner, we help you keep the business premises free of pests, taking special care of storerooms, kitchens, warehouses, and other commercial spaces. Our team brings in a lot of experience from working in varied industries like food storage, food production, catering and hospitality, hotels, medical and pharmaceutical, and so on.

You can always trust us because our service has the following features:

  • Free estimate, no obligations at all

  • Utilization of totally safe, non-toxic products

  • Application of powerful stain removers for dealing with stains

  • Rendering service all 7 days of the week

  • Advanced steam cleaners and other superior cleaning units

Do not let pests annoy you anymore, simply give us a call!
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